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What you believed – that our party, that this state, are worth fighting for – must continue in whatever form it might take. The only thing I will regret is if that energy goes away. The Commonwealth needs you.


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  • Juliette for Governor

    • Fri, 14 Nov 2014

      As I concentrate on my company, board work, and teaching, I have also been finishing my book for Simon and Schuster. The title continues to change (as does the opening, and various overwhelming edits that I'm presently ignoring but that seem appropriate for a 15 hour flight to Shanghai this weekend) but the general themes are there. We're still hoping for the Sept. 2015 date for "The Education of a Security Mom", but I had an early opportunity to put some of the themes together for the speech at the U Mass Ideas Boston conference. I hope you enjoy.

      IDEAS UMass Boston 2014: Juliette Kayyem, Homeland Security Expert

      In government, the academy and journalism, Juliette Kayyem has served as a national leader in America’s homeland security efforts. She has spent over 15 year...

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