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What you believed – that our party, that this state, are worth fighting for – must continue in whatever form it might take. The only thing I will regret is if that energy goes away. The Commonwealth needs you.


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  • Juliette for Governor

    • Tue, 23 Dec 2014

      It was an amazing, wild and blessed year because of so many of you. The year ahead promises to be the same (minus a campaign and confirmation battle which really should give us more vacation time!)

      As for 2015 for me, my memoir edits are done, as of today, and Simon and Shuster still aiming for the 9/11/15 release. When I decided to start one of the country's only female owned security and resiliency advising companies, it was a long shot and I am amazed Kayyem Solutions, LLC's success; we will be announcing more new partnerships with venture and technology companies later in January. And you'll keep hearing from me on CNN and WGBH as well as a potential documentary project pegged to the book, tentatively titled Home Sweet Homeland: The Education of a Security Mom.

      But mostly wanted to say thanks to all. The year ahead still needs our input and energy. The issues of our time -- infrastructure and the economy, criminal justice reform (attainable under any Administration), climate change -- and that brought so many of you to this page (and me into the political arena) will not go away.

      So,we are off to an island that will give me my vitamin D intake for the winter. I"ll be calling into Boston Public Radio, in my flip flops, possibly drinking something fruity on December 31st. Should be interesting.

      I should add that I never got around to doing holiday cards and I'm feeling guilty; I don't think Facebook counts but. . .

      To you and yours, may your days be as goofy as ours (see below). And thank you.

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