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What you believed – that our party, that this state, are worth fighting for – must continue in whatever form it might take. The only thing I will regret is if that energy goes away. The Commonwealth needs you.


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  • Juliette for Governor

    • Tue, 21 Oct 2014

      The first draft of my book is in, though I suspect I have several months of rewrites (the worst form of writing, ever) for anticipated release next summer. So, I"ve been out and about the last week, from testing the themes of the book at a Brookline "salon," to addressing community leaders at Boston University about liberty and security, to spending time in Milwaukee, WI on cyber threats. I am blessed with having the "no jet lag" gene as I head to Montreal, Puerto Rico, Shanghai, Doha, Orlando and even Mississippi all in the next 5 weeks. I am in a strange business where difficult news is in direct relation to workload, advising communities and companies on resiliency and continuing with CNN.
      What strikes me today as I heard from folks at Walgreens is the extent that the cyber threat looms much more heavily than the front pages of ISIS or ebola. The gap between what keeps them up at night and the concerns we hear so much about is profound, and unfortunately steers public spending. 1/3 of Americans believe "help" will arrive in one hour; 80% believe in the first 24 hours. The narrative has to change since the first line of defense with cyber in particular is the public.
      And did I mention, again, get your flu shot! A healthy community is the first line of defense, and the worried well who think that a temperature spike is Ebola will be a far greater strain on our public health than Ebola will be.

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