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What you believed – that our party, that this state, are worth fighting for – must continue in whatever form it might take. The only thing I will regret is if that energy goes away. The Commonwealth needs you.


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  • Juliette for Governor

    • Fri, 18 Jul 2014


      It's time to regroup and get knocking! Governor Deval Patrick has exemplified passion and leadership, but it is not a foregone conclusion that our next Governor will demonstrate the same. If we don't elect a Democrat to the corner office, we will not continue on the path forward.

      That is why I am joining John Walsh, Executive Director of Together PAC, in Brockton on Sunday to canvass for Democrats. Will you join us?

      John and I are going to talk to voters about why this election is important. Join anywhere throughout the Commonwealth to canvass for our children's future. Find details here:

      Juliette Kayyem
      Proud Democrat

      MassDems – Organized to Win

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