2016 Archive

VIDEO: Newsroom – Why did the FBI and DHS send out a security bulletin? (12/23/16)
VIDEO: CNNi Today – Ongoing manhunt for Anis Amri (12/22/16)
VIDEO: HLN, On the Story – German Authorities Release Info on Berlin Attack (12/21/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Law Enforcement Response to Berlin Attack (12/20/16)
VIDEO: AC360 – Law Enforcement Response to Berlin Attack, Pt 2 (12/20/16)
VIDEO: AC360 – Law Enforcement Response to Berlin Attack, Pt 1 (12/20/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight  – Assassination of Ambassador Andrey Karlov (12/19/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Terror Attack in Berlin (12/19/16)
VIDEO: The Lead with Jake Taper – Terror Attack in Berlin (12/19/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Trump can’t ‘acknowledge 2+2=4’ on Russian hack (12/16/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Putin won the cyber war on two fronts (12/16/16)
VIDEO: Newsroom – Trump’s relationship with National Security (12/16/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Investigating Russian hack is not a political issue, Pt 2 (12/12/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Investigating Russian hack is not a political issue, Pt 1 (12/12/16)
COMMENTARY: It’ll be Trump’s job to face facts on Russia hack (12/12/16)
VIDEO: Newsroom – CIA investigating Russian cyber attacks, Pt 2 (12/10/16)
VIDEO: Newsroom – CIA investigating Russian cyber attacks, Pt 1 (12/10/16)
COMMENTARY: Why to embrace ‘nanny state’ after Oakland fire (12/05/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Successful Response to OSU Campus Attack (11/28/16)
COMMENTARY: How to prepare for the Day After (11/20/2016)
COMMENTARY: What’s the biggest threat on Election Day? (11/08/2016)
COMMENTARY: The rise of the all-hazard moms (10/17/16)
COMMENTARY: Why the ‘tough love’ on Hurricane Matthew evacuation? (10/07/16)
COMMENTARY: When it comes to safety, there is no finish line (09/11/16)
COMMENTARY: Debate on whether to show up for flood misses the point (08/23/16)
VIDEO: New Day – Ex-CIA chief endorses Clinton (08/05/16)
VIDEO: AC360 – Danger in politicizing $400 million Iran payment (08/04/16)
VIDEO: Newsroom – Debunking claims “ransom” paid to Iran (08/04/16)
COMMENTARY: How to talk to your kids about violence (07/08/16)
VIDEO: New Day – 4th of July Airport Security (07/01/16)
VIDEO: New Day – How did Istanbul airport attackers get past security? (06/29/16)
COMMENTARY: Why do we downplay this terror issue? (06/15/16)
COMMENTARY: EgyptAir downing: What we don’t know is vital (05/19/16)
COMMENTARY: TSA woes: Privatize airport security? (05/18/16)
COMMENTARY: Who’s really qualified to be President? 11 takes (04/09/16)
COMMENTARY: How candidates can capture the ‘Security Moms’ (04/06/16)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – How Security Moms Vote (04/04/16)
VIDEO: New Day – Can Apple force FBI to reveal how it hacked into iPhone? (04/01/16)
VIDEO: Situation Room – FBI to analyze Brussels and San Bernardino cellphones (03/29/16)
VIDEO: AC360 – Anti-terror operations underway in Brussels (03/24/16)
COMMENTARY: Why keeping us safe from terrorism is so hard (03/22/16)
COMMENTARY: What’s at stake if Paris terrorist talks — or doesn’t (03/19/16)
COMMENTARY: Trump rallies pose major challenge for police (03/13/16)
COMMENTARY: The truth about closing Gitmo (02/25/16)
COMMENTARY: Zika: Why we shouldn’t panic (02/04/16)
COMMENTARY: A winter storm wake-up call (01/24/16)
COMMENTARY: Face it, Oregon building takeover is terrorism (01/03/16)

2015 Archive

COMMENTARY: LA school closure: This is no way to live (12/16/15)
VIDEO: CNN At This Hour – LA Unified School District closure (12/15/15)
COMMENTARY: What President Obama should say about terror (12/05/15)
COMMENTARY: When should terror force a city to shut down? (11/23/15)
VIDEO: New Day – The French have a French problem (11/18/15)
COMMENTARY: Lesson one: Terror is not about lone wolves (11/14/15)
COMMENTARY: Russian plane crash: Waiting for that 0.1% (11/09/15)
COMMENTARY: Why U.S. really needs ambassador to Mexico (10/23/15)
COMMENTARY: The real way George W. Bush didn’t keep us safe (10/20/15)
VIDEO: CNN Politics – Why Guantanamo Bay is still open (09/16/15)
COMMENTARY: Hajj stampede: How to stay safe in mass gatherings (09/25/15)
COMMENTARY: How do you protect the Pope? (09/21/15)
VIDEO: The Lead – FBI/DHS Bulletin: ISIS luring female fighters (08/25/15)
COMMENTARY: What do the train attack heroes teach us? (08/23/15)
COMMENTARY: California killing not about ‘sanctuary cities’ (08/11/15)
VIDEO: CNN At This Hour -Chattanooga shooter was self-motivated (07/20/15)
VIDEO: Newsroom – Guns Are Not the Solution’ To Soft Targets (07/17/15)
COMMENTARY: Chattanooga shootings: Why were our soldiers so vulnerable? (07/17/15)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Should you be worried about NYSE computer glitch? (07/09/15)
COMMENTARY: Why July 4 terror precautions were necessary (07/09/15)
VIDEO: CNN’s New Day – Boston police kill man radicalized by ISIS (06/03/15)
VIDEO: The Lead – Officials: FBI saw ‘change in behavior’ in Boston man (06/02/15)
VIDEO: New Day – Decision not to show images of Prophet Mohammed (05/28/15)
COMMENTARY: Declare war on climate change? (05/20/15)
COMMENTARY: Abu Sayyaf raid: Messing with the heads of ISIS (05/18/15)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – ISIS claims responsibility but shows no proof (05/05/15)
COMMENTARY: What really kept Boston strong (04/19/15)
COMMENTARY: Ideology hurting homeland’s security (02/24/15)
COMMENTARY: Perfect security? No such thing (01/29/15)
COMMENTARY: How to call a snow day for the kids (01/26/15)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Why omit ‘Islam’ from White House summit title? (01/14/15)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – How much of a threat does Hayat Boumeddiene pose? (01/10/15)