Juliette serves as a CNN National Security Analyst and occasionally has opinion pieces at CNN.com. This page features videos for the current year, for archived content based on the year: 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015.

January 2019

VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Tone on the Trump campaign that meeting with the Russians was ok  (1/17/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Cohen painted as Trump advisor for ‘special projects’ in WSJ story  (1/17/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 3- Memorandum of conversations with world leaders protect US interests  (1/16/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Too many things surround 2017 Trump-Putin meeting (1/16/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Burr’s comments on meeting notes unfortunate (1/16/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Ethical questions over whether officials who know something should speak out (1/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Barr’s answer on memo didn’t make sense (1/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Manafort lying to protect something (1/15/19)
VIDEO: Newsroom Pt 2- What is in the NYT is a fraction of what Mueller knows (1/13/19)
VIDEO: Newsroom Pt 1- Odd that Trump withheld details about face to face meetings with Putin (1/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN – Headed towards a report on extent the president is compromised by Russia (1/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Remember Helsinki (1/11/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- No smoking guns, but we are learning more about how far the investigation is going. (1/11/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Trump behaving like a president compromised by Russia (1/11/19)
VIDEO: The Lead- What Mueller needs to prove Manafort gave campaign data to Russians (1/9/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 3- We should be able to believe the numbers we hear coming from the federal government (1/7/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- President Trump lies and we should feel comfortable saying that (1/7/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- White House thinks border wall sell is a communications problem (1/7/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom- Fear of politicization of numbers out of DHS (1/6/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Unclear how Trump administration will (1/2/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Russia arresting Whelan is clearly a political hostage situation. (1/2/19)