Juliette serves as a CNN National Security Analyst and occasionally has opinion pieces at CNN.com. This page features videos for the current year, for archived content based on the year: 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015.

May 2019

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Unresolved WikiLeaks chronology question (5/16/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- It matters that the public knows about contacts (5/16/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Trump is trying to cure dandruff with decapitation (5/14/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Leaders are often having to balance if they want to be feared or respected (5/14/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 1- The timing of Trump’s meeting with Orbán cannot be forgotten (5/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 4- something substantially different in terms of Donald Trump and his team’s approach to the rule of law and oversight (5/10/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Jim Baker’s comments important on the origin of Russia investigation (5/10/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Amazed by Trump and co.’s lack of shame (5/10/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- McGahn clearly was telling the Special Counsel something (5/10/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 1- Too many contradictions to Don Jr’s testimony for the committee to ignore (5/9/19)

April 2019

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Whatever play Barr thought he had, he’s lost it (4/30/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Barr’s 4-page letter misrepresented Mueller report (4/30/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 2- Trump is not unequivocally condemning hatred (4/29/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 1- The radicalization process of a lone wolf is short, making it more difficult to find and execute against (4/29/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 2- The problem we have now is that white supremacists are not hiding anymore (4/28/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 1- Social networks with today’s public discourse cause spike in hate crimes (4/28/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 2- Trump’s hands aren’t clean (4/24/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 1- Everything I have seen since the Mueller report makes me believe that we are in for a welcome party for the Russians in 2020 (4/24/19)
VIDEO: PBS Newshour Pt 3- Concern ahead of 2020 is that the Russians will use cyber attacks to have physical impacts on the voting process (4/24/19)
VIDEO: PBS Newshour Pt 2- Media has to start having some standard by which things stolen won’t be amplified by them (4/24/19)
VIDEO: PBS Newshour Pt 1 – Mueller report Russia’s efforts in 2016 started earlier and was more systematic and targeted than was once known (4/24/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 2 – Trump admin has failed on immigration (4/20/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 1 – The Mueller report creates a narrative that the House needs to act on (4/20/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- If Congress does nothing, WH will learn nothing (4/17/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Expectations for Mueller report (4/17/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Mueller report not just about the past (4/16/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Strict immigration policies have not lead to lower numbers at the border (4/16/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Expect delays with White House involvement in oversight investigations (4/16/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom- Trump admin has coherent policy on immigration (4/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom- Trump admin has failed on immigration (4/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom- DHS’ failure at the secretary level permeates down to the field (4/7/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Parties should make all federal candidates release tax returns (4/3/19)
VIDEO:CNN Tonight Pt 2- Why should I believe Barr’s 4 page summary? (4/3/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Barr has been a disaster for WH (4/3/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 4- Barr setting himself up for failure form the beginning (4/3/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 3- “Does not exonerate him” language from Barr memo likely sticking point for Mueller investigators (4/3/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Trump talked about the breach in the context of ‘I’ (4/3/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Secret Service threw WH under bus with statement on Mar-a-Lago breach (4/3/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Appears not uncommon for people to seek out Trump/family at Mar-a-Lago (4/2/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1-  The White House is telling our enemies the door is wide open on our secrets (4/2/19)

March 2019

VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- “everything is fine” can be said a lot quicker than 300 words (3/26/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Barr fumbling handling of Mueller report (3/26/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Unsustainable for our democracy for Barr to withhold report (3/25/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Obstruction debate distracting of what from Barr letters admits about Russian influence in. the 2016 election (3/25/19)
ARTICLE: Why women should be required to register for the draft (3/23/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- The idea that Mueller report was going to be a smoking gun was a delusion (3/22/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- With Barr memo, no one can claim victory or defeat (3/22/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Barr should avoid making DOJ political (3/22/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Important to remember four buckets of Trump-Russia investigation (3/22/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- There is not changing Donald Trump (3/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- How did we get where we are today with the global rise of white nationalism? (3/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront – Failure to connect rise of white nationalism from the top gives a sense of acceptance (3/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – White nationalism attacks supported by network radicalization and ideology that is just ramping up this activity (3/15/19)
VIDEO: New Day – Need to call mosque shooting what it is, an attack on Muslims (3/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 2- All Trump has left is tweets, lies, and pardons (3/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 1- Clear Trump tried to influence AG Whitaker (3/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 2- Comey redemption tour tiresome (3/5/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 1- Bloodline Scenario cuts closer to home for Trump (3/5/19)

February 2019

VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Trump’s falsities are a vulnerability (2/28/19)
VIDEO: CNN – Mueller Report should be through of as connective tissue (2/24/19)
VIDEO: CNN – Idea Trump brought us back from brink of war ridiculous (2/24/19)
VIDEO: CNN – An enemy loves an opening (2/24/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Threatening judges is not funny (2/19/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- President’s allegiances are in question (2/19/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Have to look at obstruction charges in light of substantive concerns (2/19/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Mueller’s team trying to get out of the psychology of people involved in case (2/18/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Important to remember context of McCabe 25th amendment conversations (2/18/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Stone docs show Mueller has the goods (2/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Truth not helpful for Manafort (2/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 2- Trump campaign never felt compelled to stop Russia interference (2/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN OutFront Pt 1- Manafort lied despite sweetheart deal (2/13/19)
VIDEO: Reliable Sources- Saudi angle on Bezos scandal (2/10/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- White House struggling to find someone to validate Trump’s theory of Khashoggi’s murder (2/8/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Bezos/AMI story marriage between corrupt nation and corrupt WH (2/8/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- House investigations show importance of Democratic win in November  (2/6/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Schiff put bullseye on Devin Nunes (2/6/19)

January 2019

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Why would anyone not in the family stay faithful to Trump? (1/28/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Delay in Manafort case not good news for him  (1/28/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Hard to say if Mueller is close to being done (1/28/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Hard for Sanders to claim indictment isn’t true (1/25/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Trump campaign knew what Russia was doing and didn’t report it to FBI (1/25/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Stone going to jail for Clinton’s emails (1/25/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Trump just can’t quit Clinton  (1/24/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Poll on Mueller investigation show people are looking at facts of the case (1/24/19)
VIDEO: OutFront- We don’t need a wall, we already have one and they aren’t getting paid  (1/23/19)
VIDEO:CNN Tonight Pt 3- Only defense Trump has left is ‘nothing matters’ (1/22/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Giuliani statements not mistakes (1/22/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- “Calm down and enjoy the ride” is Giuliani press motto for 2019 (1/22/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Clear Sec. of Treasury lied to Senate Republicans (1/21/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Idea of Giuliani having hypothetical conversation with Trump ridiculous (1/21/19)
VIDEO: CNN Pt 2- Trump convinced of two pathways out of shutdown (1/19/19)
VIDEO: CNN Pt 1 – Trump got himself into a corner (1/19/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Tone on the Trump campaign that meeting with the Russians was ok  (1/17/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Cohen painted as Trump advisor for ‘special projects’ in WSJ story  (1/17/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 3- Memorandum of conversations with world leaders protect US interests  (1/16/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Too many things surround 2017 Trump-Putin meeting (1/16/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Burr’s comments on meeting notes unfortunate (1/16/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Ethical questions over whether officials who know something should speak out (1/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Barr’s answer on memo didn’t make sense (1/15/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Manafort lying to protect something (1/15/19)
VIDEO: Newsroom Pt 2- What is in the NYT is a fraction of what Mueller knows (1/13/19)
VIDEO: Newsroom Pt 1- Odd that Trump withheld details about face to face meetings with Putin (1/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN – Headed towards a report on extent the president is compromised by Russia (1/13/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3- Remember Helsinki (1/11/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- No smoking guns, but we are learning more about how far the investigation is going. (1/11/19)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Trump behaving like a president compromised by Russia (1/11/19)
VIDEO: The Lead- What Mueller needs to prove Manafort gave campaign data to Russians (1/9/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 3- We should be able to believe the numbers we hear coming from the federal government (1/7/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- President Trump lies and we should feel comfortable saying that (1/7/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- White House thinks border wall sell is a communications problem (1/7/19)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom- Fear of politicization of numbers out of DHS (1/6/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Unclear how Trump administration will (1/2/19)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Russia arresting Whelan is clearly a political hostage situation. (1/2/19)