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May 2018

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Ridiculous to think Don Jr. acted unknown to other people (5/21/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Don Jr. knows what he did was wrong (5/21/18)
COMMENTARY: – We shouldn’t be surprised that Southwest’s hero pilot is a woman (5/20/18)
VIDEO: AC360 – Hard to believe someone didn’t know about Santa Fe HS shooter (5/18/18)
VIDEO: OutFront – We now have one example of a school shooter trying to up the ante (5/18/18)
VIDEO: CNN – Gun owners have a responsibility (5/18/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Mueller successful at getting people close to the Oval Office to turn (5/17/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Paul Ryan’s legacy is  (5/17/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Key question is was Trump team’s targeting informed by Russia (5/16/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Bannon wanted to suppress minority turnout (5/16/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Where did Cohen’s money go? (5/11/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Russians tried to get to Trump through Cohen(5/11/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Trump’s vulnerabilities are a national security problem (5/9/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Cohen represents all of Donald Trump’s problems (5/9/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight  – Cohen is not a dupe (5/7/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2  – Should withhold judgment on judge’s question to Mueller’s team (5/4/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1  – Wheels are off Trump’s legal team (5/4/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Storyline of Mueller investigation has to be about our democracy (5/1/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Mueller’s mandate is more than just a criminal investigation (5/1/18)
VIDEO: Newsroom Pt 2  – White House clerical error probably has more to do with politics ( 5/1/18)
VIDEO: Newsroom Pt 1  – How careless are we? (5/1/18)

April 2018

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Co-conspirator line of questioning should have people worried (4/30/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Trump-Russia investigation is about our democracy (4/30/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Bad dragon energy around Trump’s lawyers (4/25/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  –  All of Cohen’s cases implicate a president who tries to fix illegality (4/25/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – As a nation, we should be celebrating James Shaw Jr. (4/24/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Worth investigating whether Waffle House shooting was a hate crime (4/24/18)
VIDEO: HLN  – Who would play Tammie Jo Shults in the movie? (4/19/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2  – Trump knows what he’s saying when asking FBI to go after leakers (4/19/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Trump focus on sex shows what animates his White House (4/19/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1  – Trump has no sense of self-preservation (4/18/18)
COMMENTARY: – We shouldn’t be surprised that Southwest’s hero pilot is a woman (4/18/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2  –  Sanctions are vetted before shared with the public (4/17/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1  – Russia didn’t back down on Syria (4/17/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2  –  Comey wants history to be written with him as the hero (4/16/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1  – Comey dated as player in Russia investigation (4/16/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 4 – Firing Comey won’t be what makes Trump a ‘great president’ (4/13/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3 – Cohen is an entity of Trump, that’s why he’s nervous(4/13/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Need to recognize Assad has won, focus on counterterrorism (4/13/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Pentagon curbed aggressive civilian leaders in Syria strike  (4/13/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2 – Idea Comey kept memo to blackmail Trump ridiculous (4/12/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1 – Trump fixated on tape, not collusion from dossier (4/12/18)
VIDEO: CNN – Everything always winds up being about Trump (4/10/18)
VIDEO: CNN – National Guard needs mission/training before deployment (4/9/18)
VIDEO: CNN – Motivation matters in Muenster attack (4/7/18)
VIDEO: CNN – Trump mistake leaves National Guard scrambling (4/7/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Trump preparing for Mueller interview (4/6/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Everyone had a bad week in Trumpland (4/6/18)
VIDEO: OutFront – Remarkable Trump can’t find a lawyer (4/6/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Sometimes it’s just as obvious as it looks (4/5/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Roger Stone knew what he was doing and saying in his emails (4/4/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Why did Putin want Donald Trump to win? (4/4/18)
VIDEO: OutFront – The National Guard doesn’t deserve to be treated like this (4/4/18)
COMMENTARY: – What we can learn from the YouTube shooting (4/4/18)
VIDEO: OutFront – President confused about role of National Guard/Military at the border (4/3/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Mueller investigation getting wider and closer to Trump (4/2/18)

March 2018

VIDEO: CNN – Pushing ISIS out of Iraq and Syria huge success in counterterrorism efforts (3/31/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Can’t rationally say Trump campaign had nothing to do with Russia (3/30/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Malloch questions very specific about visit to London (3/30/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Investigation into Page FISA process politically motivated (3/29/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – What did Trump know and how close does the investigation get to him (3/29/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2 – We need to realize what is happening in front of us (3/29/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1 – What was the duration/nature of the Trump campaign’s contact with Russians (3/29/18)
COMMENTARY: – The marching students wowed this security mom (3/25/18)
VIDEO: OutFront – If a president wants chaos, he gets chaos (3/21/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Questions about how Facebook handled Cambridge Analytica breach (3/21/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Facebook is not the victim (3/21/18)
VIDEO: CNN Live – We need to find motive of Austin bomber (3/21/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight- Facebook’s acquiescence allowed the platform to be abused (3/20/18)
VIDEO: OutFront- We have left the homeland complete exposed (3/20/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight- McCabe’s firing has a lot to do with Mueller investigation (3/16/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2 – Tillerson, Session, McMaster are in the hot seat because of Russia (3/14/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1 – Whispers of McCabe firing have more to do with Sessions (3/14/18)
COMMENTARY: -Gina Haspel has a lot of answer for (3/13/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Russians acting without fear of consequences (3/8/18)
VIDEO: Outfront – Evidence winds up ending at the White House (3/7/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Stone and Hicks are two interesting people Mueller is looking at (3/5/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Seems inconvincible Trump didn’t know about Trump Tower meeting (3/5/18)
VIDEO: CNN Live – We’re in a crisis (3/3/18)
VIDEO: OutFront- McMaster likely gone from NSC  (3/1/18)

February 2018

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- What Kushner did was disrespectful  (2/27/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Kushner flouted clearance process loses top secret clearance  (2/27/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 2- We owe it to the kids to have an honest review of what happened  (2/25/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 1- Arming teachers is a bad idea  (2/25/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 3- Russia must be thrilled with Donald Trump  (2/24/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 2- Credible evidence that Page was an agent of a foreign power  (2/24/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 1- Why are so many people with Russian ties with Trump?  (2/24/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Gov. Scott meeting gun control advocates halfway  (2/23/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Broward Co. needs independent review of what happened  (2/23/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2- Russia’s continued focus on fake news is concerning  (2/20/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- Idea Trump is all over Russian meddling is ridiculous (2/20/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight- Gates plea deal would be bad for Manafort  (2/19/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight- Gov. Scott distracting from real issues with attacks on Wray  (2/16/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight- Gov. Scott distracting from real issues with attacks on Wray  (2/16/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2 – Facebook was unindicted co-conspirator in Muller’s indictments   (2/16/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1- The extant to which Mueller has exposed what Russia did is amazing  (2/16/18)
COMMENTARY: I’m so sick of this (2/15/18)
VIDEO: AC360- We have to stop looking at solutions to gun violence as binary  (2/15/18)
VIDEO: Inside Politics- We have to stop looking at solutions to gun violence as binary  (2/15/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Tired of people saying laws can’t prevent what happens (2/14/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Rachel Brand leaves DOJ to take job at Walmart  (2/9/18)
VIDEO: OutFront – Congressional Republicans politicizing Trump-Russia investigation  (2/7/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2 – Nunes memo unfortunately brings FISA process into public view  (2/2/18)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1 – Claims in Nunes memo not based in reality  (2/2/18)

January 2018

VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Key players in Trump-Russia have had their jobs threatened  (1/25/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Idea of FBI secret society is not supported by facts  (1/24/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 2 – There’s an ethos for protecting the United States that lasts throughout presidents  (1/24/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 1 – The idea of a secret society in FBI undermines what they do (1/24/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Trump tweets about Samsung but not two 15-year-olds  killed in KY shooting (1/23/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Trump has shown it’s either you’re with him or you’re un-American  (1/23/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – Important for people to have confidence in emergency systems  (1/15/18)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – A silver lining with the Hawaii false alarm  (1/14/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3 – Trump will have to tell the truth on Comey firing  (1/10/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Trump suggests he’d violate subpoena  (1/10/18)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Tea leaves suggest Mueller’s team has man theories of the case  (1/10/18)
VIDEO: OutFront – Glenn Simpson’s testimony reveals FBI had source in Trump’s network  (1/9/18)

December 2017

VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Trump’s team potential afraid of outcome of Mueller investigation (12/18/17)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2 – Trump’s team potential afraid of outcome of Mueller investigation (12/18/17)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1 – Trump’s team creating noise to lessen impact of Mueller revelations (12/18/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Politics doesn’t justify obstruction of justice (12/4/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Mueller is like Santa Claus (12/4/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 -Why is everyone lying? It’s not because of the Logan Act (12/1/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Flynn understands Mueller is saving him at this stage (12/1/17)

November 2017

VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 -No one knows what Flynn is doing right now (11/17/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Jared Kushner’s bad day (11/17/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Uranium One does not require a special council (11/14/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Session to close to Trump for recusal to save him (11/10/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Flynn lawyer has a history of lying about connections to Russia (11/10/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Flynn allegations have a lot to do with Trump (11/10/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – ISIS anticipating investigation into attacker (11/2/17)
VIDEO: The Lead Pt 2 – Take away from attack needs to be how we can prevent radicalization (11/1/17)
VIDEO: The Lead Pt 1 – Threatening to send attacker to GTMO a political argument not a legal one  (11/1/17)

October 2017

VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Fear of the ‘other’ is not a counter terrorism strategy (10/31/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – We don’t know much about Manhattan attacker (10/31/17)
VIDEO: OutFrontPt 2 – Homeland security is about maintaining who we are (10/31/17)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1 – Radicalization is not tied to a specific country (10/31/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight- Mueller files first indictments in Russia probe (10/27/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Cambridge Analytica is a piece of the Trump-Russia investigation  (10/26/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Don’t believe Cambridge Analytica’s defense for talking to Assange  (10/26/17)
CNN – Priebus posses big threat to White House (10/15/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Facebook and Twitter more than just platforms (10/13/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2- Trump’s lack of curiosity leaves room for drama (10/07/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1- Kelly struggles to manage WH chaos (10/07/17)
VIDEO: AC360 Pt 2- Defense won’t always prevent this from happening (10/05/17)
VIDEO: AC360 Pt 1- Maybe we won’t understand shooters motive (10/05/17)
VIDEO: AC360- Las Vegas sheriff thinks shooter couldn’t have done it alone (10/04/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight- New CNN report shows Russias actions in 2016 were a targeted kill (10/03/17)
VIDEO: AC360 Pt 2- Why is the bump stock legal? (10/03/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – Las Vegas shooters girlfriend is person of interest at this stage (10/03/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – We have to focus more on the ‘how’ (10/02/17)
VIDEO: CNN – Access to weaponry a national security issue (10/02/17)
COMMENTARY: – Massive Gun violence terrorizes us all (10/02/17)
COMMENTARY: – ‘Trump’s Katrina?’ No, it’s much worse (10/01/17)

September 2017

VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Russia is waging a two-front cyber war on the U.S. (09/28/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight –  People should take Irma seriously (09/06/17)

August 2017

VIDEO: HLN –  Houston mayor made right call on curfew (08/30/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight –  Climate change will make some places in US uninhabitable (08/29/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight –  POTUS should set standards of leadership in public safety (08/25/17)
VIDEO: OutFront –  US has to learn to rub belly chew gum at the same time (08/25/17)
COMMENTARY: Trump has to rely on the ‘swap’ for Hurricane Harvey response (08/25/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom –  Trump’s speech on Afghanistan was his default (08/22/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 3 –  Flynn & Manafort in a face for the golden ticket (08/10/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 –  Firing Mueller would have far reaching implications (08/10/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 –  Mueller investigation looking at more than collusion (08/10/17)
VIDEO: OutFront –  Trump’s language on N. Korea increases potential for mistake (08/08/17)
VIDEO: OutFront –  Terrorism in the 90’s (08/06/17)

July 2017

VIDEO: CNN Tonight –  Trump wants greater control over Russia investigation (07/24/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom –  Trump’s tweets suggest irrational understating (07/22/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 4 –  The crime could be just as bad as the cover-up (07/20/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 3 –  Cabinet Secretaries publicly disagree with Trump (07/20/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 2 –  Comms strategy won’t solve Trump’s problems (07/20/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 1 –  Trump pardons, Republicans need to speak out (07/20/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom –  What is our strategy for when ISIS is gone? (07/20/17)
VIDEO: Wolf –  We won’t have clarity until we are in a court of law (07/18/17)
COMMENTARY: Trump shouldn’t use his pardons (07/18/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight –  It’s too late for radical transparency from Trump (07/17/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom –  Donald Trump Jr meeting with Russian lawyer was a tell (07/11/17)
VIDEO: OutFront –  Don Jr  met with lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Clinton (07/10/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 2 –  Trump enabling Putin for future cyber disruptions (07/09/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 1 –  Trump played or wants Russia’s help in the future (07/09/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 2 –  Trump meets with Putin at G20 (07/07/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom Pt 1 –  Trump’s moment to bring up election meddling (07/07/17)
VIDEO: CNN Today – Protestors and police cash at G20 (07/06/17)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 2 –  What are Trump’s motivations for 2018 and 2020 (07/06/17)
VIDEO: OutFront Pt 1 –  Trump is enabling Russia’s election meddling (07/06/17)

June 2017

VIDEO: OutFront –  Trump attacks Mueller investigation (06/23/17)
VIDEO: Newsroom Pt. 2 –  WaPo story confirms Russia intended to help Trump (06/23/17)
VIDEO: Newsroom –  WaPo story confirms Russia intended to help Trump (06/23/17)
VIDEO: OutFront –  Trump tapes tweet was a lie (06/22/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Was Kushner given clearance because of his omission? (06/21/17)
VIDEO: The Lead – Michigan airport attacker is example of threat US faces (06/21/17)
VIDEO: OutFront –  Trump could pardon people at center of investigation (06/20/17)
VIDEO: New Day – Britain will struggle to break cyclical nature of attacks (06/19/17)
VIDEO: New Day Pt 2 – Sessions testimony will be marred by Russia investigation (06/10/17)
VIDEO: New Day Pt 1 – Trump will not get over Russia investigation (06/10/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Trump’s is about self preservation (06/08/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 2 – Trump’s dangerous and damaging to all of us (06/06/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight Pt 1 – Trump forum shopping in Russia investigation (06/06/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Reaction to Trump’s tweets about the London mayor (06/05/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – Questions remain from London attack (06/05/17)
VIDEO: New Day – Trump’s tweets on London attack not based on facts (06/05/17)
VIDEO: Inside Politics – Lessons learned help the next city prepare (06/04/17)
VIDEO: CNN International – London attack not a “lone wolf” attack (06/03/17)
VIDEO: CNN – First responders train for events like London attack  (06/03/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – Existential threats have no borders  (06/03/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Putin admits “patriotic Russian” may have hacked U.S. election (06/01/17)

May 2017

VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – Kushner sought secret communication with Russia (05/27/17)
VIDEO: CNN – Trump-Russia investigation at the Oval Office door (05/26/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – Why is Trump publicly bashing NATO? (05/26/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Anticipate leaks as long as Trump tries to stop investigation (05/24/17)
VIDEO: AC360 -Manchester attack will change they want people feel about parenting (05/23/17)
VIDEO: HLN -Important to prepare our kids for when disaster strikes (05/23/17)
VIDEO: New Day – Manchester bombing lowered the bar of humanity (05/23/17)
COMMENTARY: We want our kids to be fearless. Then this happens. (05/23/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Manchester bombing parents worst fears (05/22/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – Pence knew what he was getting into. (05/21/17)
COMMENTARY: Secretary Kelly, don’t hire Sheriff Clarke (05/17/17)
COMMENTARY: Trump is making it harder to keep America safe (05/17/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Trump’s firing seem strategic (05/12/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Trump fires Comey amid Russia investigation (05/09/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Yates, Clapper testify in front of Senate Judiciary Committee (05/08/17)
COMMENTARY: Clapper steals show at Senate Judiciary Committee (05/08/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Comey meets with House Intel Committee in 2 hour closed door meeting (05/04/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Sen. Franken asks right questions during Comey testimony (05/03/17)

April 2017

VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Spicer statement on security clearance not accurate  (04/27/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – House Intel claims Flynn might have broken law  (04/25/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Russia tried to infiltrate Trump campaign (04/21/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – ISIS more organized than we often believe  (04/20/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Manafort registers as foreign lobby retroactively  (04/12/17)
VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – Tillerson shouldn’t think out loud  (04/12/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Carter Page subject to wiretap  (04/11/17)
COMMENTARY: Why exactly did we bomb Syria? (04/10/17)
VIDEO: New Day – Dallas siren breach looks like direct hack   (04/10/17)
VIDEO: CNN – U.S. moves aircraft carrier to Korean Peninsula   (04/09/17)
VIDEO: CNN – U.S. lacks end goal in Syria  (04/07/17)
VIDEO: CNN – Is U.S. bombing of Syria covered under AUMF?  (04/07/17)
VIDEO: CNN – U.S. launches 59 Tomahawks at Syrian airfield  (04/07/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Trump accuses Rice of breaking law with no evidence  (04/05/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – Former Blackwater CEO tried to set up Russia back channel (04/04/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – Susan Rice unmasking ‘scandal’ isn’t a scandal (04/03/17)

March 2017

VIDEO: AC360 – Does the laptop ban make us safer? (03/31/17)
VIDEO: CNN Live – Trump not taking Russia investigation seriously (03/31/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Ryan should take Nunes off House Intel (03/30/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Burr keeps collusion on the table (03/29/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Russia’s targeted cyber attack program  (03/29/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Kushner met with head of Russian bank VEB (03/28/17)
VIDEO: Smerconish – Nunes isn’t doing the one job he has (03/25/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Is Nunes sabotaging the investigation? (03/24/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Could Comey be trying to save investigation? (03/22/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Report suggests Trump camp collusion with Russia (03/22/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Manafort revelations should have WH worried (03/22/17)
VIDEO: AC 360 – Lingering questions of laptop ban  (03/21/17)
VIDEO: CNN Today – Thoughts on House Intel Comm hearing on Russia  (03/20/17)
COMMENTARY: The key players in Monday’s Russia hearing (03/19/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Trump’s impact on America’s credibility abroad (03/17/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – DOJ sends info to House Intel Comm rebutting wiretap claim (03/17/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Michael Flynn and the House Intel hearings into Russia (03/16/17)
VIDEO: OutFront – Trump’s claim of “wiretapping” by President Obama (03/16/17)
COMMENTARY: With immigration drop, who needs a wall? (03/14/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Flynn’s disclosure of lobbying for Turkish government (03/09/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Need for independent investigation into all things Russia (03/09/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – FBI investigates Russian Banks and possible Trump links (03/09/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – What House Intelligence investigation may unearth (03/07/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – How someone can be caught on a FISA wiretap (03/07/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – The world is watching POTUS conspiracy tweets (03/07/17)
VIDEO: Newsroom – FBI wants public refute of wiretap claims (03/05/17)
VIDEO: Smerconish – What was Russia’s involvement in US election? (03/04/17)
VIDEO: Newsroom – Trump cannot pivot away from the Russia story (03/04/17)
COMMENTARY: Don’t expect ‘smoking gun’ in investigation of Russia (03/03/17)

February 2017

VIDEO: AC360 – Challenges of Trump’s new immigration policies (02/21/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – The need for Trump to be curious as POTUS (02/20/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – What is the Trump Doctrine? (02/20/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – Assessing Trump’s National Security Advisor pick (02/20/17)
VIDEO: Newsroom – FBI Director Comey’s meeting with Senate Intelligence (02/20/17)
VIDEO: Newsroom – Impact of Sweden story on US national security? (02/20/17)
VIDEO: Smerconish – 3 Questions about Flynn’s Russian ties (02/18/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – Did General Flynn resign or was he treated unfairly? (02/15/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – Did General Flynn lie to FBI Investigators? (02/14/17)
VIDEO: AC360 – Did Michael Flynn talk with Russia about sanctions? (02/10/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Trump claims of vague terrorist threats to U.S. (02/08/17)
VIDEO: Newsroom – The origins of the 7 country list (02/08/17)
VIDEO: HLN, On the Story – Quick-thinking solider stops attack at Louvre (02/03/17)

January 2017

VIDEO: Newsroom – Challenges of implementing Trump’s EO travel ban (01/29/17)
COMMENTARY: This is no way to protect our national security (01/29/17)
COMMENTARY: Trump’s bogus border wall (01/26/17)
COMMENTARY: Mike Flynn: Trump team’s weakest link (01/23/17)
VIDEO: Newsroom – Trump and his CIA pick conflict on use of torture (01/22/17)
COMMENTARY: How to stay safe at the Women’s March (01/20/17)
VIDEO: CNNi – Latest on North Korea and Trump’s National Security Team (01/18/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Why Russia would want to influence U.S. Elections, Pt 2 (01/06/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Why Russia would want to influence U.S. Elections, Pt 1 (01/06/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – FBI Investigation Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting, Pt 2 (01/06/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – FBI Investigation Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting, Pt 1 (01/06/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Trump’s troubling embrace of Julian Assange, Pt 2 (01/04/17)
VIDEO: CNN Tonight – Trump’s troubling embrace of Julian Assange, Pt 1 (01/04/17)
VIDEO: CNNi Today – Trump undercutting US intelligence (01/04/17)
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2016 Archive

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2015 Archive

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